Kovach’s English Announcements: Week 31

 In AP/DE English Language, English II Honors, English III, English IV

Welcome back from Spring Break 2021! I hope you had a great break and were able to get some much needed relaxation.

With some kids still on vacation…we sort of eased into this week. Please remind your students that now is not the time to slack and if they want to finish the year strong, they need to put in their best effort. Look below for this week’s activities.

English IV: We started our unit on Poetry and began by analyzing their favorite song! I’m hoping to make reading poems seem more applicable and what better way than to talk about music?! Quick reminder that each student needs to pick their Dystopian novel choice by next Wednesday. It would be great if they are able to obtain these books, but I am trying to find options if they are unable. I added a link below if you are willing/able to contribute to the class needs. Thanks!!

English III: We continued our Short Story Unit and spent the week discussing Edgar Allen Poe, the French Catacombs and finally reading “The Cask of Amontillado”.

English II-Honors: We spent the week looking at the time period leading up to the Holocaust and finished it by creating their own timeline of events. Over the weekend, they should be putting their finishing touches on this. Next week we begin reading Night.

English AP/DE: We are nearing the end of our lessons for this course in preparation for the AP exam. This week we discussed synthesis and are now putting it into practice. This is also a skill necessary for any college course. I did introduce a unit coming up next month where they will need to acquire a book. Each student should have a list of the book choices. If you would like to contribute to the class I will gladly accept donations. Please see my link below.

I believe that is everything for now. If you want to donate to my classroom, please feel free to check out my link.

Have a great weekend.

Ms. Kovach