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Happy Friday, Roadrunners!

We made it; Spring Break has begun for these hardworking kids. I hope they (and you) are able to rest and rejuvenate over the next 7 days. School resumes March 17th!

It was great to see some of you at conferences this week; thanks to those parents that also brought in food and goodies. It is greatly appreciated. Please see below for what we did this week in your kid’s class.

English IV: We wrapped up our short unit on “A Modest Proposal” and finished out the week by taking a stance and creating our own unique poster. Over break I need students to read over the attached list of books and figure out which one they would like to read. Shortly after returning from break, we will begin Literature Circles on British Dystopia. I do not have copies of these books for students, but am working on finding digital copies. They could also rent from the library, buy a used book from Bookmans, or order from Amazon or somewhere else. Please let me know if you have any questions about this. If you would like to purchase books for classroom use, please check out my wishlist on Amazon.

English III: We turned in our final essays and began our Short Story Unit. We read and discussed Langston Hughes story, “Thank You Ma’am”. We will continue this unit after break.

English II-Honors: Students conducted research on some aspect of the Holocaust and then presented their findings. After break, we will begin our unit on ​Night. 

AP/DE: We read longer memoir pieces this week and discussed the author’s choices and their impact on the readers. Lots of great discussions this week.

That is everything. I am working on an Amazon wishlist to help finish the year strong and start next year off on the right foot. I am adding to it weekly. 🙂 ​

Have an amazing weekend!


Ms. Kovach