English w/Kovach > Week 9

 In English III, English IV

Good Monday Morning, Roadrunners!

Welcome to day one of Fall Break! I hope you all have something relaxing planned for your students. They have been working hard and are in need of a well deserved break! Please see below for what they have been working on:

English III: We discussed a slave narrative written by Olaudah Equiano and it really opened students eyes as to how horrific this moment in history was. We then ventured on and read some Puritan poetry written by Anne Bradstreet. After some thorough discussions and analysis, I think they finally got it. Upon our return, students will be composing their own unique poems, which is something I know they are all super excited about.

English IV: We are fully immersed in the anonymous writing of “Beowulf and deciphering Anglo-Saxon values. We have also been discussing the impact that Oral tradition has on the accuracy of stories, poems, etc. When we return, we will have a quick refresher before finishing our Epic Poem.

Required Book Talks: You may recall me explaining that each student was to read a book this first quarter that was at least 250 pages in length. This was introduced in the first week of school. It was also something I mentioned on a weekly basis. This reading and then taking part in a “book talk” with me were required to be completed by last Wednesday. With so many kids behind, I gave them until Friday to meet with me. There were still a large number of students that did not read a book at all, so they received 0 out of 100 points. I suggested that they get on top of reading their next book for quarter 2 over break. I just wanted you all to be aware in case you noticed a large drop in their grade recently.

I believe that is everything for now. I am heading up to Flagstaff for the week and will be away from my phone. Please enjoy your break.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Ms. Kovach