English w/Kovach > Week 37

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Good Afternoon, and Happy Friday! 

It is crunch time, as there are only 14 school days left of the year! I can not believe how quickly this year came to an end. It has been an interesting year and I’m impressed with how well we have managed. 

Next week we have ELA MAP Testing Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. Please ensure your student is getting a restful sleep and a healthy breakfast. This is their last chance to show what they know! 

The paper drive is coming to an end. May 7th is the last day of the competition and the winning teacher gets a gift card for their classroom. I would love to get some new books in my library for these kiddos next year! 

Please make sure you look in Infinite Campus and talk with your student about any missing work. The last day to turn in work is Friday, May 14. Finals are May 17th and 18th. 

I believe that is everything; please read below for what we worked on in your student’s class. 

English IV: We continued reading our Dystopian novels and worked on our reading packets. I suggested to students that they finish their book by the end of next week. We also reviewed Setting, Plot, and the Protagonist. It has been a jam packed week. 

English III: We started our Unit on the Harlem Renaissance. Students were tasked with conducting their own research before I provided them with the essentials. I’m eager to see how the kids respond to this unit; it is such an important time in our literary, cultural, and societal history. 

English II-Honors: We are almost done with our last book of the year and this week we have grappled with our writer’s relationship with his faith. We even looked at some examples of art that were inspired by the horrific events of the Holocaust. This week has produced amazing conversations.

English AP/DE: Most of the groups are nearing the end of their books and their discussions are becoming more fruitful. I love to eavesdrop during their book club meetings. Shhhh…don’t tell them. 

Well, that is about it. A quick reminder that if your student needs a little extra help/push to reach the end I am available before and after school to help out. I’m just an email away! 

Have an amazing weekend. 


Ms. Kovach