English w/Kovach > Week 36

 In AP/DE English Language, English II Honors, English III, English IV

Happy Friday! 

There are 20 days left in the school year and we need to push ourselves to finish strong. The paper drive is still going and we are just barely in the lead at Power. Please consider donating reams of copy paper. Not only will you be helping all the teachers, but you will earn some extra credit for your student! 

Please read below to see what your student is working on and make sure they are working to their fullest potential. They are all capable and smart enough. They just need to hear it! 🙂 

English IV: Students should be at least 50 pages into their books. Please encourage them to read their books over the weekend. I would try to encourage them to finish their book within the next two weeks. 

English III: We finished our Short Story Unit and are working on a final project to sum it all up. Students had all day yesterday and today to work on this so if they don’t finish they will need to over the weekend. This is due on Monday. 

English II-Honors: We are about half way through our book at this point and having many thought provoking discussions. We also spent time this week discussing Figurative Language and adding to our Writer’s Craft and Symbolism charts. 

English AP/DE: Same stuff, different week. We have settled into a routine with our Book Club and things are moving smoothly. The only issue I em seeing is not reading enough to have a productive conversation with group members. It sounds like they are all enjoying their books though. 

That should be everything. If you have any questions, please let me know. 


Ms. Kovach