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Happy “Friday” Roadrunners!

In case you forgot, there is no school tomorrow, Friday April 2nd and Monday, April 5th. Please enjoy the long weekend.

I was out Monday finishing up my move, but all reports from the sub say that they were excellent students. It is good to be back though. We fell a bit behind however, so this week we played a little catch up. Please read below for what we worked on:

English IV: We wrapped up our intro to poetry analysis and began our unit on reading Romantic poetry. Students were shocked to find out that the Romantic Era had nothing to do with actual romance! While they aren’t too excited about this unit, they are doing well and asking questions. I’m sending out another plea for books for this class. We will begin our Dystopian unit soon and not all students can afford their books. I have been checking out Goodwills and am heading to Bookmans this weekend, but I am asking for your help. If you are willing and able to donate a book (or two) please check out my Amazon link. You can also buy them local and send it in. Thank you SO much to those parents who have already helped out. I appreciate you.

English III: We concluded our creative writing task on Amy Tan’s short story “The Rules of the Game” and then read and discussed “The Most Dangerous Game.” I have to say I think the kids really liked this second story. It surprised them. Please remind your student to turn in any missing work ASAP. They have had ample time in class to complete assignments and yet I am still missing a great deal of work; check in with them over the long weekend. We need to finish strong.

English II Honors: We discussed our own Identity and what makes us unique and as we began reading Night, we began to dissect what made Elie Wiesel who he was. We are continuing to read and discuss slowly. I’m trying to keep it as light as I can given the topic.

AP/DE: We finished writing our synthesis essays and then finished out the week with a timed essay. They were all hoping it was an April Fool’s prank, but sadly, it was not. We begin our book clubs next week, so please make sure that you have purchased the book for your student if you were able. This group of kids is set on owning their own copies, and I don’t blame them, so thank you for that.

I believe that is everything for now. I hope you all have an amazing weekend.


Ms. Kovach