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Happy Sunday, Roadrunners!

What a quick moving week! And this coming week is going to be even faster and shorter. All classes took part in a Thankful Writing activity. Each student chose a teacher, administrator, coach, or secretary to write a letter of thanks to. I will be hand delivering these on Monday. This is a tradition that is always greatly appreciated.

Take a peek at what we’ve been doing in class.

English III and IV: We had our final unit exam on Monday and Tuesday and then began planning a narrative piece. We will continue drafting and return to our writing after Thanksgiving break.

English I-Honors: We did a lot of reading, discussing and comprehending this week. All of this is leading up to the end of our unit on Intelligence. Hoping for a test on Tuesday to wrap it all up.

AP English Literature: We took our Poetry exam and then…we made corrections! After that, we focused on our next vocabulary quiz and reviewed all of our poetry terms again. This group is ready for a break from all the rigor. It is much deserved too.

And now a note from our Academic Achievement Coordinator:

San Tan’s annual Gifted Testing event is approaching quickly! 

If you are interested in having your child tested for giftedness, please complete the digital Parent Request Form, along with the $50 Co-Pay, linked below.  Gifted testing is will be offered in mid. February.   Once a child is identified as gifted, they do not need to retest.  Gifted testing will begin in mid- February.

  • If your child is currently in a gifted class and identified as ‘provisional’ they will automatically be retested, you do not need to send in the recommendation form. : -)
  • Gifted Testing Requests are due no later than January 12th of 2022.
  • Digital Parent Request & Payment:  Click Here

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Ms. Kovach