English w/Kovach | Week 12

 In AP English Literature, English I Honors, English III, English IV

Hello Again and Happy Friday!

This has been a week of rollercoasters, with field trips and PSAT testing, classes ran a bit differently than normal. Nonetheless, we were able to adjust and accomplish what needed to be accomplished. Here is a quick note about a Donors Choose promo happening for just a few more days.

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As for what is going on in your student’s class, please read below:

English I-Honors: We learned about and read a narrative on famous artist, Georgia O’Keefe. We completed a quiz and then answered some comprehension questions.

English III: We revisited Puritan Writing and read a short excerpt from I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem. Then we took a comprehension quiz and finally discussed in groups questions on Cultural Identity and answered a prompt regarding Tituba and some of the Puritan young ladies from the text. Finally, we worked on our Peer Review skills and provide feedback to our peers.

English IV: After having read Beowulf, we did a Parallel Literature study and read an excerpt from Grendel. This story is from the perspective of the “monster” and the point was to create empathy. Not sure it worked for all the students, but it was nice to read the story from a more modern perspective. We finished out the week by taking a comprehension quiz and putting together some longer answers to specific skills.

 AP Literature: We concluded our notes on Figurative Language and began our first poem study. We rounded out the week with our usual vocabulary quiz. Next week we will continue our Poetry Unit and read a poem a day!

That is everything for now. Please have an amazing weekend and a wonderful Halloween! Stay safe! And please remember if your student ends up bringing candy to school that it is nut free!


Ms. Kovach