English w/Kovach >> Week 32

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Happy Monday, Roadrunners! 

I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday and that the long weekend has been refreshing. We are in the home stretch and need to really make sure students are putting their best selves forward. Remind students to get enough sleep, eat healthy, and try their hardest. The finish line is in sight; let’s not give up now. I’m proud of how hard everyone has worked this year, so let’s keep that momentum going. 

Yearbook Info: 

Order your school yearbook today to have in hand before the end of the school year!

The Deadline to order your 2021-2022 15th Anniversary San Tan Yearbook for bulk shipping to the school for your student to have before the school ends is next Thursday April 22nd: https://store.shopyearbook.com/santan-yb

No extra yearbooks will be ordered or be for sale in the front offices yet they can be ordered after the deadline and shipped to your home. All orders placed after April 22nd will include shipping costs on top of the cost of the yearbook and be delivered directly to your home.

English IV: We are working through The Importance of Being Earnest and have completed the first act. This past week we discussed theme and making connections to the Victorian era. 

English III: As I Lay Dying is proving to be a slow book for these kids, but they are not giving up. With over 12 narrators, it can be a bit of a struggle, however, it will all come together in the end. 

English I-Honors: We have finished the first six chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird. This has been a struggle for many students. Please make sure that they are reading every night, as they don’t have time in class to do so. Please also remind your students to answer the questions I ask them rather than searching the internet for an answer. They learn nothing when they don’t think for themselves. We will be having a conversation about cheating and plagiarism tomorrow (again). Just a heads up. 

AP Literature: We are moving quickly through Frankenstein and I knew the students would love this book. It really is a treat and it’s wonderful to see how Hollywood has really led us astray when it comes to the accuracy of how Frankenstein is portrayed. 

I believe that is everything for now. Grades should be 100% updated by class time tomorrow, so I would suggest you check Infinite Campus to see how your student is doing. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Amber Kovach